Tuesday, 3 January 2012

In spirit of celebrating Portlandia's second season commencing January 6th 2012, I too played on the Portlandia activity book http://portlandia.ifc.com/activity-book/avatarmaker.php and created my alternate ego if I was ever native to Portlandia...and had a moustache...and was a team member of the sherlock homies (fingers crossed!eek!)

Velvet Blue Bird, a regular at the Portland libraries, bookstores and coffee shops.

I feel like I should have an alternate name...hmm...any ideas? Something worthy for a Portlandian!

Put A Bird On It - AGAIN!: Portlandia Season Two

Hold the bloody press!!! It seems as though Laura Mulvey and colonial film theory have caused me to temporarily forget some important dates in the early new year, yes yes, 4th of January dentist appointment at 13.00 PM, dinner with Philip at mystic pizza on January 5th st 8.00 PM and OH MY GOD YES, PORTLANDIA SEASON TWO: JANUARY THE BLOODY 6TH (On IFC)!!!!
The excitement? indescribable! the tears of joy? pouring as we speak, splashing down on my keyboard as I write this post! Everyone, write it in your agendas, girlfriend's/boyfriend's forehead, fridge, cat, rear view window, stick it on a post-it, stick it on a bloody bird and put the bird on all of the above, but definitely save that magical date as that is when Carrie and Fred will be back in our lives with even more precious, quirky and lovable characters from Portlandia, Oregon - a possible destination for my honeymoon (?) - but until then lets refresh our memories with all the wondrous values of Portlandia!!!

Sneak Peak into Season Two? Yes, please!

Doug & Claire get sucked into Battlestar Galactica

This news, will definitely motivate me to get my work done!what a treat!

Book Club

 Dai Sijie's Balzac and The Little Chinese Seamstress is the book I've sunk my teeth into for the start of the new year. Im already half way through, as it's romantic quality makes it unputdownable, but unfortunately I must resist as I am amidst a busy period of writing two big essays to complete my first semester of my masters at St. Andrews. So while I pine away at psychoanalysing Mitchell Lichtenstein's Teeth (2007) and Karyn Kusama's Jennifer's Body (2010) and whilst applying eurocentric theory to Zoltan Korda's Sanders of the Rivers (1935), I am comforted to know that during my break I can return to the pages of Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, and travel with my minds eye to the rural, hidden villages of the Mountain of the Phoenix of the Sky at the time of the Chinese Cultural Revolution and be re-educated, not by the political aim's of Mao's values, but by the spiritual awakening that the protagonist undergoes when he reads his first Western novel, Balzac's Ursule Mirouet. So far what I'm enjoying is that fact that by reading this book I can celebrate the magic of books and literature, and how deeply connected they can become with the first emotions of life, and their experience forever encapsulated or memories reverberate within favourite quotes of great books! 

Thats all for now, I will let you know more when I'm finished!