Monday, 11 July 2011

Young Love

It was a quiet and slow afternoon in Manhattan, Madison was in a hazy slumber and it seemed that the entire city was deep in a summer siesta...

For about a month now I have been helping out at a consignment store on Madison (which will remain un-named) which has served so far as an excellent centre-point in glass casing New York's finest characters. From my observation deck (the register) I have observed the odd old ladies with far too may hat pins, the trophy wives with a touch too much of botox, neurotic women with gay chihuahuas that reserve tables in the finest restaurants for themselves and their dogs and (my favorite), the occasional cross dresser that drags his mother along for her opinion on what dress would suit him best for his summer outings...A fine selection indeed! 

Work is always exciting, whether it is the clothing, the jewelry or the customers there is always something happening...but like I said, it was a lazy and quiet afternoon, I was settled in behind the register sipping on mint lemonade and working my way through J.D. Salinger's 'Franny and Zooey', convinced we weren't going to have any customers till closing time but alas the doorbell rang and a young couple came in. Grungy and sunburnt, she in her microfloral shorts and 'All Stars' - he all quiet with sea breeze hair, scruffy vans and Black Flag t-shirt. She was looking for "something long and pretty, something with flowers, something I could get married in" (!). This young couple, glowing with happiness, radiating with youth, music and literature - unconformed, scruffy and totally drunk on each-other - life through Super 8 glasses, curled up on the couch reading books, paintings and records leaning against walls, cutting each-other's hair, colorful cooking, that sort of thing - restored hope in me that love like love read in literature has not disappeared. I think thats a pretty good formula for a happy life - something thats completely missing in todays culture. They just really made my day and I really wanted to share it with whoever reads my blog. I wish them, wherever they are, a happy and pink life together!

For the rest of the day I had "Marry Me" by Suburban Kids With Biblical Names playing in my head...give it a listen and tell me how fitting it is!

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