Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Adventures of the North Fork

What a hot, relaxing and delicious summer day in Long Island. Today my family and I adventured into the North Fork of Long Island making an emphasis on tantalizing our taste palettes and expanding our gastronomic experiences as well as doing some light sight seeing along our little road trip, of course of course.

Our first stop was at the most adorable, quaint, little sleepy-town road called 'Love Lane' (how fitting!) Stepping onto this road was like time traveling back to the fifties. There we decided to pop into a cheese shop cafe called 'The Village Cheese Shop', a small little shop that sells fine cheeses from around the world as well as little condiments and other cupboard goods such as Argentinean Dulce de Leche and Italian Biscotti, *I noticed that the French Baguettes were very popular amongst the customers..* ((Mental note: must go back and get some!)). I was also delighted to see that they had a selection of cheese crackers from 'The Fine Cheese Company' all the way from Walcot street back in Bath, UK, a cafe which friends and I use to go to for tea and sandwiches during my student years there..Sitting for a little while in the small conservatory we enjoyed croque monsieur and toasted baguette topped with sweet red peppers and salty anchovies, quiet refreshing for a hot summers day.

The Village Cheese Shop, Mattituck, NY

Our destination was Mill Creek Tavern and Winery to sit and picnic while watching the sunset over acres and acres of luscious vines! Continuing our little expedition, after having driven through fields of sunflowers and corn and spent some time walking along the beach overlooking Plum Island, it was time to make our next culinary pit stop to refuel with food to take for our picnic at the vinery. To fill our picnic basket we visited Brauns Seafood Company in Cutchogue, were we picked up crab salad, lobster rolls, manhattan clam chowder and a 2 pound lobster! Brauns Seafood Company is a mandatory experience if you are a sea food lover like myself! To its benefit it is located right near the Peconic bay, amidst fields and fields of green which make lunch or dinner there a very relaxing and pleasurable experience. Once we had stocked up with our goods, we were on the road again to Mill Creek Tavern, a pleasant little vinery located at the head of 30 acres of vines. We quickly settled down and enjoyed our food and Bedells first crush white wine - whilst ignoring the offensively loud cover band playing hits from the 60s and 70s. Eventually the quieted down and we were able to enjoy the twilight over the vines and the fireflies amongst the hydrangeas, a perfect summer evening.

View from the Mill Creek Tavern balcony

If your ever in the North Fork and have loads of free time on your hands, then I definitely suggest you check out these fantastic places, you wont regret it!

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