Sunday, 10 July 2011

Laughing Lotus is Good for the Soul

One of my favorite activities when lounging around the Hamptons (yar yar) is attending all the different Yoga classes that they have going on..I must admit, I don't go as often as I like but when I do manage to go it is totally rewarding. Up till now I have only really experienced very strict, disciplined and quite archaic yoga classes - which - isnt it ironic towards the ethics of yoga? ("...relax, be free with your body and soul etc...") have only managed to some how make me feel slightly self conscious about myself and my yoga practice...
But not until till today, attending the yoga class "Hips and Twists" at the Prevention Yoga Studio in Southampton, was something so refreshingly progressive that I cant wait to put on my leggings and get into downward dog again! Our yoga instructor, Dana Trixie Flynn (the source of all this excitement) of Laughing Lotus Yoga Centre back in NYC, sets a totally friendly and happy vibe that flows through the entire room, her selection of great reggae, ska and even hip hop (!?) could only emphasize the pleasure and enjoyment of the exercise! What I liked about it the most was that it was loud, colorful may I even dare to say sexy! (?). By the end of the session we were all flushed, drenched and smiling -actually giggling through our namaste's (!). 
Dana Trixie Flynn of Laughing Lotus

P. S. This yoga actually came close to good sex! I hope that sells it to you ;) ...

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