Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Music Sessions: Mountain Man - Made the Harbour

Mountain Man-Made the Harbour (2010)

Mountain Man is a folk trio that sprouts from Bennington, Vermont. Three girls with eerie, organic and with a-taint-of-ecclesiastical voices, with the accompaniment of soft melodies of acoustic guitars, take the listener for a road-trip around the Americas. Their synchronized singing, almost choir-like, and their girly howls that portray stories of summer rain, forests and Egyptians create a world of which their music becomes a solitary experience. I find myself dreaming of silver moons beaming over dark and quiet evergreen woods and all that can be visible from a distance are yellow car beams blinking now and again. I can almost smell the earth!
Their song 'Buffalo' that introduces the album takes me through blue corn fields that sways with summer winds, followed by the song 'Animal' that finds me photographing the cold pacific north west sea, all hazy gray...till finally their song 'How'm I Doin' makes me find myself driving along side train tracks somewhere in the southern states, burning under the sun, passing swamps and vines and rustic southern houses with hammocks on their porches.
Their is something archaic about this album, I believe it is the simplicity and naturalness of the girls voices as well as the wholesomeness of their lyrics. As mentioned before, these girls take you for a journey, but what it is even more rewarding is that by the end of the album they also take you back home...
I wish I had discovered this album before my trip to north America this past November.

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