Sunday, 20 February 2011

Music Sessions: Eternal Summers I Heart You!

Eternal Summers's description of these guys is that they 'hail from heaven' - of which I completely agree. I was just looking over an article commenting on their album 'Silver' and how bands like Eternal Summers, Best Coast and other sunny, minimalist, female-fronted retro-post-punk bands are in a unannounced rivalry between each other. But its a shame really, I dont like thinking that my favorite bands are artistically struggling to overpower one another but are in fact all friends that hang out together in the same bookstores and coffee shops and ask each other for favours (if they can sow some buttons, or if they could use a cup of sugar..) But at the moment I'm finding myself totally in love with Eternal Summers.

With Nicole Yun on guitar and vocals and Daniel Cundiff on drums, they keep the essential jangly sounds such indie punk bands need. Maybe its Nicole's angsty yet vulnerable voice that makes me feel utterly girly when listening to them, or the tweeness of the simlicity of their melodies and rythyms but this band makes me feel all fuzzy inside. 

Eternal Summers - Pogo

I wish this band was around when I was 16. Its the kind of music you want to listen to when getting ready to go to a house party and you know the boy from art class you totally have a crush on will be there and all you need is their song 'Pogo' to boost your happiness. Eternal Summers makes me want to twirl around, and jump up and down on my bed in my pyjamas. Another favorite of mine, however not so dancy is 'lighswitch' from their album 'Eternal Summers', this is for after the party...after you've held the hand of the boy from art class that you are now in love with.

Eternal Summers - Lightswitch

Eternal Summers

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