Saturday, 19 February 2011

M.I.A. - TAKES A MUSCLE ((Get Drenched In This!))

Having shamefully only just discovered M.I.A.'s relatively new release, having had it lingering for quite a good while on my ipod and having ignored my dear friend Anestis's glorifications and practically 'lectures' of how magical her new single is, I finally got around to listening to it yesterday on the train ride to downtown Athens.
I'm a big admirer of M.I.A.'s vivid jungle themes, the colour and the exotic tastes that transcend through her music. From her album 'Kala' I had personally singled out '$20', I cant ever get enough of it - I think the dragging beats, morphing melodies and not to mention MIAs in-your-face-attitude made me adore this song like no other on the album!'$20' held position no.1 for quite a while but all that ceased when I hit play on 'Takes A Muscle'..In a matter of minutes '$20' was bumped down to no.2 having been toppled of its thrown with a new song wearing the crown. 
I have specifically made playlists for my urban journeys in Athens, but yesterday I left those unsatisfied because I think I must have listened to 'Takes Some Muscle' for all my journey's worth of time. Within the first few seconds of listening to it I was surfacing through turquoise water of an exotic beach and enjoying a bicycle ride somewhere in the Carribbean- and not in a dingy, overcrowded wagon of a suburban railway train! From what I have deduced from her previous work, her sounds are mostly jungle influenced and slightly African-esque, with the humour of dubstep but 'Takes A Muscle' has reggae roots which are having a romance with electro. This song is the epitome of a perfect summer tune, perhaps a year late I can only say that this will be my summer song of 2011, for lazy moments at the beach, for balmy midnight summer drives, for mojitos out with friends somewhere in the city - this will be that song!! What I 'dig' most about this song, besides the music, is the lyrics themselves. M.I.A states "It takes a muscle to fall in love"..what I take away from his is that it needs strength and courage, it also takes a brave heart! And Im a total sucker for these kind of lyrics. 


So finally, I just wanted to say - thanks a million M.I.A. you brought me the sunshine and sea during a gray winter- the wait for summer will not be a difficult one now that I have this track...

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