Thursday, 17 February 2011

Lauri Faggioni...Toys come to life!*

As an only child growing up in the countryside, especially when I was young, I would turn to my toys and escape into childish adventures...sometimes into exotic jungles with tigers and lions, forests with bears and foxes, or under the deep blue sea with whales, jellyfishes and all the other mysterious creatures. It is not surprising that most of my childhood dreams are of my toys coming to life - velvet rabbits hopping around my ankles, patchwork puppies fetching falling stars, canvas teddybears with button eyes holding my hand with their paws..If this ever happened it would have been a small childhood fantasy come true!
Even now, i find myself digging up and saving old toys that I find in vintage markets or charity shops, because underneath the material, thread and stuffing Im sure there is a little heart that beats..and I simply cant resist!
Which brings me to my point..that there is another person, a fantastic artist, that shares the same exact feelings and thoughts as me are only difference is that she has brought these creatures to life!*Lauri Faggioni* I came across her work in a video clip of Devendra Banhart's 'A ribbon'. The video clip is a masterpiece, the adventures of a red ribbon traveling through nature and encountering animals and plants that all come to life in the presence of the ribbon. It is made with stop animation, hence how all the creatures are perfect harmony with Devendra's singing and music.
Lauri Faggioni's little creatures are also featured in Michel Gondry's 'Science of Sleep' where a young couple, experimenting with dreams, love and attempting to understand the complexities of a relationships - fuse reality and dreams together bringing in  all the fantastical world Lauri Faggioni has created.

Look at the birds! and the mushrooms! and the little swaying coral worms! and the curly jellyfish tentacles! its so so beautiful! One day I will show this to my children over and over again!

Devendra Banharts - A Ribbon (Nino Rojo)

 I want to live in the bright paper house*

Please check out her website!

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