Thursday, 17 February 2011

Early Morning Thoughts*

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Amongst the paperwork I brought back from my university years in Bath, I came across a piece of paper that I had written down a thought last winter...This is was a reoccuring thought that followed me throughout my dewy morning walks to the bus stop on my daily travels to university. 
In my final year, I lived in a cottage with three dear friends of mine close to the city centre. A little further from our house was a small park where every morning and after sun fall (when I would return home) I would walk across. I would always come across a duck couple - I had suspicions that they were lovers in their previous life - But my thoughts while walking through this small square were not of love, or lovers (surprisingly!)...but of other things.
"I suppose its natural to be overwhelmed, almost to the verge of tears, whenever I see the sea in its natural...having grown up in a sea side country where the sea is the backbone of our Mediterranean nature and serves as every vessel in which we pour into it our love, rage, sadness, loneliness, laughter , every human memory, the sea has taken on a motherly figure for me. Now having found myself in England for the past four years, and only ever seeing the sea on my summer vacations back at home, the sea has become a hazy gray memory, shimmering somewhere in my mind...Enclosed in an urban environment and with my feet only ever touching anything but concrete, stone or asphalt, this makes me take joy in the little transitions that take place on my daily walk. The earth is coated with asphalt, and her attempts to breathe grow through the cracks of payments. Sometimes she is given freedom, patches of grass and mud known as parks. Hence the importance of the small park in my thoughts...I take great joy in the second my stride lifts off the asphalt and onto the soft damp breathe. At that moment I can breathe. What a private and solitary joy, that allows for the Mediterranean to come flushing back to me and for moments I can almost smell the sea..I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I am back beneath the waves, feeling the cradle  of the sea wrap around me. Ones experience with nature can surface ones true primal self..."

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