Wednesday, 24 February 2010

*Happy Airy Fairy Sweet Potato & Apple Cake*

I am making this wonderful cake I came across, for a bake sale this friday! i am happy as it has no butter, no milk, just a little bit of brown sugar which can be replaced with muscavado sugar-or even agave syrup!which is even better!-and one egg, and lots of scummies sweet veggies and fruit!
the concotion requires:
*One shredded carrot
*One cored and shredded apple
*One shredded sweet potato
*1 egg
* a teaspoon of baking powder
* a teaspoon of cinammon
* a teaspoon of nutmeg
*half a cup of sugar or agave
*one cup rice flour
sprinkle in some vanilla, nuts and love and poof stick in the oven for 40-50 minutes around 180 degrees c.

hope you enjoy xxx

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