Tuesday, 31 August 2010

And Im just looking at the floor...


Le Pistolet

I don't know if I'm unhappy because I'm not free, or if I'm not free because I'm unhappy. 

Nouvelle Vague

Franz is wondering if the world is a dream or a dream the world. 

Never Forget

The first of many fabulous ladies, that graced our world with their presence... this is only the beginning and promise of a very personal project.

Celebrity Skin

I dont think I will ever get over him...

Monday, 12 July 2010

When Sparks Fly Out

Beautiful memories with dear friends and artistes of a third year film student.
This was also my first dabble with a black and white analog camera.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

*Happy Airy Fairy Sweet Potato & Apple Cake*

I am making this wonderful cake I came across, for a bake sale this friday! i am happy as it has no butter, no milk, just a little bit of brown sugar which can be replaced with muscavado sugar-or even agave syrup!which is even better!-and one egg, and lots of scummies sweet veggies and fruit!
the concotion requires:
*One shredded carrot
*One cored and shredded apple
*One shredded sweet potato
*1 egg
* a teaspoon of baking powder
* a teaspoon of cinammon
* a teaspoon of nutmeg
*half a cup of sugar or agave
*one cup rice flour
sprinkle in some vanilla, nuts and love and poof stick in the oven for 40-50 minutes around 180 degrees c.

hope you enjoy xxx

Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Deal

Its 1954/2010, its a warm summer night and the crickets are singing. He's taken me for a picnic on some cliffs overseeing the city lights and then the vast ocean. We drove up here in his ford mustang, and when it started to get a little chilly he placed his letter-man jacket over my shoulders. We were both a bit dazed after our evening venture and lay under the stars. There's a full moon above us. I undo my hair clips so my hair falls around my shoulders. He growls, and we hold paws. We can hear the radio from the car, its playing something perfect for a date with a werewolf.

Saturday, 6 February 2010


Love, Death & Other Existentialist Motifs In The Films of Woody Allen.

8 Weeks to go... xxx

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Monday, 18 January 2010

Bands That Changed My Life

From an early age, mix tapes, my dad's vinyls and record stores became small sanctuaries-friends. Music, especially over my teen years marked and imprinted on me in a way more than the other art elements could. I had a great love for literature, poetry and art, but it seems that music - for me - was always the fuel, the drive that give birth to these beautiful worlds.
Music would lullaby me to sleep, music accompanied me in the car on drives from Saturdays at the beach, music would quietly soothe starry evenings of tears as a result of a broken heart, or would photograph a beautiful memory with friends and lovers.
Whatever the case, music has always been there for me, it has such an encompassing power that it captivates both my heart and soul. It is my best friend, and its presence is ever important in my life.
Thank you music for being with me in both private and social circumstances, for being the bridge to meet others who hold the same appreciation. Thank you for offering your shoulder for me to lie on, sleep on, cry on.
For this lazy January Monday morning charged with winter blues, Ive come to re-appreciate the existence of the followings bands:

Nirvana, Joy Division, The Moldy Peaches, Belle & Sebastian, A Neutral Milk Hotel, CocoRosie, Devendra Banhart, The Cure, Daniel Johnston, God Speed You!Black Emperor, Sigur Ros, Bob Dylan, Iron & Wine, Noah Georgesson, Little Joy.

More For Later.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

When My Clouds Took A Walk In Athens

A project I did in the spring of 2007, with the help of lovely Terpsichori, small quilted clouds with little messages of love spread around Athens.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Hello Father Mineral! ****

It ain't hard to adore ya
Thread ya into my town
Put your guard down, explore ya
And I'll always be around...


Milk Is Love

silly little doodles, a magic concoction of milk & love

The First Time I Attempted To Stitch An Artist

One of the men whom I love so much romantically distressed Graham Coxon.

I will make other attempts to thread other artists.